Our strength

At PLT Costruzioni, we believe that the relationship between the client and the company should be conducted with the utmost transparency and serenity. In fact, once the job is entrusted, the client does not have to worry about anything: we are able to guarantee high quality standards and a time-tested operating process.

Incorporation of works

PLT Costruzioni’s goal is to carry out all site activities independently.

The incorporation of these works allows for more timely control and precise management, which are reflected in shorter construction sites and more certain deadlines.

Our workers receive continuous training in all site activities, so they perfectly master the different techniques and workings, have an organic vision and allow the construction site to never stop.

Open Books

At PLT Costruzioni we follow the Open Book Contracts (OBA – Open Book Accounting) method: the Client is directly involved in the selection of subcontracts and all information regarding costs is shared in total transparency.

Open book contracts, therefore, allow the Client to be able to monitor and distinguish contractor’s and subcontractors’ costs

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Time schedule

Every project managed by PLT Costruzioni follows a precise time schedule that allows us to define with timeframes the completion of individual jobs.

The scheduling of our work is the constant reference of our Site Managers and Project Managers.

In each chronoprogram, the construction activities are divided into levels that allow us to identify the individual works or parts of them in terms of cost and time.

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Material sampling

All materials used at PLT Costruzioni sites are sampled in advance to ensure compliance with specification standards and submitted to the Construction Management for approval.

Weekly meetings

With pre-established date and time, weekly site meetings are held through which we coordinate information, monitor the progress of the work, and search by your side for the best technical solutions. At the end of each meeting, minutes are taken describing the overall progress of the construction site.
This allows us to monitor progress in a detailed and accurate manner.

Tests and Trials

Various tests are conducted on site to verify the quality standards to which our workmanship must adhere, such as:

  • Thermal bridges
  • Concrete resistance and durability
  • Admissible floors’ load
  • Ballast bearing test
  • Tracings
  • Concrete Slump
  • Concrete compression resistance
  • Flood tests